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The Moscow Art Theatre Ground Plan

Moscow Art Theatre ground plan

Stanislavsky Here, Today, Now supports the work of The Stanislavsky Research Centre by consolidating materials about and surrounding the work and legacy of Konstantin Stanislavsky. The website features prominent scholars and practitioners presenting their research and application in contemporary acting, directing and teaching.

Click on the button in each section of the Moscow Art Theatre ground plan to go to a page with applicable materials. Alternatively, you can click on the ALL RESEARCH menu button to search the videos by the researcher's name. We encourage you to explore each area.  

For an Introduction and Welcome from the Stanislavsky Research Centre Directors, click on the LOBBY button.


This website is edited by Stefan Aquilina, Jonathan Pitches and Paul Fryer, and managed by Joelle Re Arp Dunham. The design for the site is based upon an original concept by Kathy Dacre

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