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Jean Benedetti Panel Part 2

Rose Bruford College, UK

Moderator Michael Earley with Bella Merlin, Katya Komotskaya, and Anthony Hozier

Panel Description

When the Stanislavski Centre was originally founded at Rose Bruford College, the first event was an exhibition of photographic material, Stanislavsky on Stage, which was presented at London’s National Theatre in April 2008.
In January 2013, to mark the 150th anniversary of Stanislavsky’s birth, the exhibition was re-staged at Pushkin House in London, curated by Paul Fryer, and was accompanied by a short lecture series.
The opening event was devoted to a celebration of the Benedetti Legacy. Jean Benedetti had been Principal of Rose Bruford College, and the Centre was based upon his work. The panel discussion was chaired by the college’s Principal, Professor Michael Earley, and featured Bella Merlin, Katya Kamotskaya, and Anthony Hozier.
A transcript of the discussion was published in Stanislavski Studies in 2015, and is available online at

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