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Stanislavsky and Intimacy

Recently published by Routledge, and forming part of the Stanislavsky And… book series (Series Editor Paul Fryer), the volume Stanislavsky and Intimacy is the first academic edited book with a focus on how intimacy protocols, choreography, and theories intersect with the broad practices of Konstantin Stanislavsky’s ‘system’.
As the basis for most Western theatre and film acting, Stanislavsky’s system centers on truthful performances. Intimacy direction and choreography insists on not only a culture of consent, but also specific, repeatable choreography for all staged intimate moments. These two practices have often been placed as diametric opposites, but this book seeks to dispel this argument. 

Each chapter discusses specific Stanislavskian principles and practices as they relate to staged sexually intimate moments, also opening the conversation to the broader themes and practices of other kinds of intimacy within the acting field. Penned by practitioners, educators and academics in both the theatre and screen industries, this volume offers a broad range of approaches to Stanislavskian-based acting processes that incorporate consent and intimacy practices in ethical, safer and ultimately, more effective ways. 

The book features contributions from Laura Rikard, Chrissie Poulter, Emily Rollie, D Granke, Ann James, Vanessa Coffey, David Thackeray, Pia Rickman and the editor.

In line with the rationale of the Stanislavsky And… book series, the volume aims to speak directly to individuals engaged in studio work, rehearsal, production, and training, with its case-studies encouraging the widest possible practical exploration of the topic.


The webinar is moderated by the book editor, Joelle Ré Arp-Dunham and hosted by Kansas State University. For more information kindly email

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